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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How does it work?
Jump in the booth, choose color or back & white, and pose. You’ll see your image on the monitor. The monitor counts down 4-3-2-1 and *CLICK* takes your picture. This happens four times. You step out, wait about 13 seconds, and voila! Your pictures are done.

2. Why Portland Photo Booth Company?
Cutting-edge photo booth. Competitive price. Customer service that’s on your side.

3. What's so great about a photo booth?
It unleashes the fun side we all have, and records those goofy, ahem fun, moments forever.

4. What events do you do?
Any! Wedding receptions, Corporate Events, Bar Mitzvahs, High School Dances, College Dances, Banquets, Fundraisers, Trade Shows, Holiday Parties, County Fairs, Marketing Events, Sweet 16's, Graduation Parties, Anniversaries, Reunions, Promotions, Receptions, and just about any other social gathering you can imagine.

5. What's the advantage of digital over chemical photo booths?
a) Speed: Digital printers print out photos quicker than the old chemical photo booths, so more guests can use it per hour.
b) Weight: Chemical photo booths used to weigh around 700 pounds making it difficult and expensive to transport it around. A digital photo booth is so much more light weight that it can be transported. Woohoo!
c) Storage: The biggest advantage is that a digital photo booth can store all the photos as digital files, which can be reprinted, viewed again, and shared on any social network website, like Facebook.

6. How much do you charge for hourly rentals?
$250/hour. But we’ve got special packages that can reduce the hourly rate.

7. How do you pay?
Check or money order

8. Do you require a deposit?
50%. The balance is due 30 days before the rental.

9. How much does it cost to deliver? Setup? Cleanup?
For one hour of rental, it's a $50 set-up fee. Outside of that, there's no charge.

10. Do you rent photo booths outside the Portland area?
But of course. However, anything over 45 miles outside Portland incurs a travel fee: $1 per mile.

11. How many can fit inside the booth?
10 people. Ye-haw!

12. How much floor space will the booth take up?
The Booth is just 5' x 5'.

13. Will you need anything else besides electricity?
Nope. All we need is one 3 prong outlet.

14. Is it wheel chair accessible?

15. Do you need a separate table to operate the booth?
If there's a scrapbook involved, we'll need a table. But no table necessary to operate the booth.

16. What if mechanical problems occur?
No such thing. The old photo booths had motors and chains to develop the photos. Digital photo booths use computers, cameras, and printers. They might need the occasional paper and ink replenishment, but that’s about it.

17. Does an attendant come with the rental?
Most definitely.

18. What does he do?
He'll set up the booth, break down the booth, replenish any supplies as needed, and answer any questions and at at events where alcohol's involved, make sure the booth is still standing. Usually there aren't too many questions because the thing is pretty self-explanatory, but he'll gladly answer any questions as need be.

19. Does it have a monitor?
You mean so that you can see yourself before the picture is taken? Absolutely. Not only that but it's a 20" Monitor. AND you can see yourself move live on the monitor as if you were on TV. Cooooooool.

Photo Booth FAQ - Portland, ME - Portland Photo Booth Company

20. Is it easy to use?
As long as you can press a button, I'd say yes.


21. Do the photos print on the spot?
Pretty much. It takes about 13 seconds or less for the photos to be printed. One word. Digital Printer. Okay, that was two.

22. How many sessions does your booth take per hour?
The photo booth takes your picture four times in a session. One session lasts between 40-60 seconds, so the photo booth can provide about 50-70 sessions in an hour.

23. Do we get unlimited photos during the rental period?
In a way, yes. Although many companies say you'll get "unlimited" photos, the truth of the matter is a booth can print only so many photos in an hour. So, of course you can print unlimited photos, just realize the machine will be able to print about 50-70 sessions per hour.

24. What comes with the scrapbook package?
First you get a scrapbook. It's black (with a nifty CD pocket in the back cover) with 10 black pages. Is 10 pages enough, you ask? Absolutely. The pages measure 12" x 12" -- enough space for multiple guests to share. And with the front and back of the page getting used up, you're really working with 20 pages. Oh, and each page is inserted inside a page protector, too.

Second, you'll get photo adhesive and colored pens -- silver, pink, yellow, green, and blue -- that look great against the black. Voila! The scrapbook becomes your very own mini-craft night. So, after you get dressed up like Jack Sparrow and act like a drunk Keith Richards in front of the camera as if you're on stage, you can then take your pictures and decorate them in a scrapbook as if you're an artist. When you have a scrapbook with the booth it's as if you marry the performing and visual arts together. Even better, whoever the guest (or guests) of honor are will have a keepsake they can look back on for the rest of their lives. In fact, if they're bride and groom, the scrapbook can make an imaginative alternative to the more formal guest book.

Third, you get a flash drive of all the photos and an online gallery sent to you within 2 weeks after your event. I'll send a special password to an online gallery so that only you and your guests can view the pictures. From there, your guests can download the photos to their Facebook, computer, Smart Phone, or wherever else. Plus those pics include images of the strips AND the individual pics.

Photo Booth FAQ - Portland, ME - Portland Photo Booth Company

25. Can you print out the photos in the classic black and white style?
Oh yeah! Like I said above, there will be two buttons in the booth below the monitor. One button will say "COLOR" and the other button will say "BLACK & WHITE." You press the style you want and two 4" x 6" photo strips will print out in that style.

26. What if you want more than one picture?
Since all the photos will be saved on the hard drive, it will be easy as pie to print you another copy

27. Will you provide props?
Absolutely! I can provide wigs, boas, hats, over-sized sunglasses, beads. I'll have all the props in a box right outside the booth and you can feel free to have your own little mini-Halloween right in the booth. It's all about the fun, son.


28. For Brides & Grooms: What time should I have the booth?
I've found that the best time to have the booth is after dinner and drinks. Guests seemed loosened up enough by then to put on a Sombrero with an eye patch.

29. How do I reserve a photo booth?
Easy. Just give me a call at 207-776-8633 and I will put you on my calendar. Please print out the
Rental Agreement Form here, fill it out, sign it, and send it with a 50% deposit to: Portland Photo Booth Company 5 Preble St., Gorham, ME. 04038. Once I receive the completed form and your 50% deposit, your spot will be reserved and guaranteed. I'll email you a receipt of confirmation and we're ready to go! The balance is due 30 days prior to the event, but don't worry, I'll send you a reminder 21 days ahead of time so you won't forget. If I don't receive the balance by the 30 day mark, unfortunately your reservation will be canceled and your deposit will be forfeited. On a similar note, if you need to cancel your reservation, please let me know at least 30 days prior to your event, too. You can shoot me an email or give me a call at the contact info posted on this site. That way I'll have enough time to find someone else to fill your spot. I'll also refund you half your deposit. But should you cancel the reservation after the 30 day mark, your deposit becomes non-refundable. Of course exceptions can be made if something fatalistic happens like a tornado hits your house or God forbid a death in the family occurs. But enough of this doom and gloom legal stuff. Let's make your event as fun and wonderful as possible!

30. Why is it called a Mojo Photo Booth?
Because there's something about this booth that makes you want to show us your mojo.

Contact Portland Photo Booth Company today at 207-776-8633 to schedule a rental, or browse the website for more information about our photo booth packages or the photo booth. You can also e-mail proprietor Justin Amoroso at

Photo Booth FAQ - Portland, ME - Portland Photo Booth Company - Party Photo Booths Call 207-776-8633 For More Information About Our Services
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